January 02, 2021

Improving your game by practicing more on a more authentic surface.

Perfecting your putting game, like anything, takes work. Long-time and amateur golfers alike should spend a lot of time practicing their game if they want to improve, but taking lessons or making it to the country club every weekend isn’t always practical.

If you’re often busy, you might have thought about buying a personal putting mat or an indoor green for your home. While these products are fun and make a short practice session more convenient, no matter how good you put on a mat, the greens will always feel different on the course. In reality the quality of a putting mat can never match the quality of professional golf courses. This is most true if you are just going to get one from your local sporting goods store. But what else can you do to practice your strokes at home?

A different option from your typical home solutions for golfing practice is getting a backyard practice putting green installed at your own home. This solution doesn’t just make it convenient for you to get in golf practice at home, but the artificial greens are created specifically to imitate the ones you play on at the golf course. If you are a beginner or a golf-pro, practicing on a pro course or something that closely replicates it is the only way to ultimately improve your putting game. Making the choice to install professional quality putting greens on your property won’t just save you the time you would spend going to the practice green — it will save you money on gas and greens fees so you can practice more and pay less.

Moving away from the putting mat and upgrading to a pro-quality backyard green is also a great option for golfers in-training. If you are taking lessons, having a personal, professional-grade putting green at your own place is a great way to make those lessons worth their while. Refining the techniques your coach is teaching you can be difficult if you don’t get to practice your skills between lessons. With your own backyard practice putting green, you can improve your techniques and get out onto the course.

If you have children who like to golf, spending time at your own backyard putting green is an excellent way to engage and impart your passion for golf. Additionally, having a set-up at your own place gives your kids the opportunity to practice their putting whenever they want to. Having a backyard putting green is a fun way for your family to bond while practicing the game, all at the same time.

Our Golden Bear artificial green turf is perfect for your Tucson backyard and mimics the way a pro-course turf rolls, bounces, and receives the ball. With our groundbreaking scientific and technological developments, we’ve been able to make Golden Bear to give everyone the experience of a professional golf green. Golden Bear turf provides professional-level bounce, aim, and roll right in your own backyard. Our Golden Bear turf has been meticulously tested to have 20-25% more ball retention, two times better aim, and a closer appearance and feel to genuine grass than other leading artificial turf. Alongside its superior quality, presentation, and performance, you won’t find a better artificial grass product to help you take strokes off your game.